Is Facebook Killing Your Career?

The Internet Is Forever

Anyone that spends time online, including using social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Squidoo, YouTube, the list is endless, needs to understand that everything they post online can and will come back to haunt them.

Can you think of anything you did in the past that you regret?  Imagine having that come up on a Google search complete with pictures and video.  I still run into forum posts I made from the mid 90s.  Thankfully, they are mainly posts about building a home theater.

This is so important to remember – the Internet is forever and you should care about what you say online.  I have a motto I follow whenever writing anything online:

“If it feels good to write it then it is bad for business”

Many home business owners also have a 9-5 job

BuildingDid you ever post something you regret? a business takes time and effort and many have responsibilities to themselves and their family that they cannot walk away from.  This means their only choice is to build a business slowly while working a day job.

Understand that the promise of Network Marketing is not becoming a gazillionaire in less than 6 months, despite what you keep reading online.  Those types of stories get told and retold year after year and do our industry a real disservice.  Does it happen?  I suppose, but you have a better chance of becoming a millionaire overnight playing the lottery.

There is nothing wrong with working a home business on weekends and evenings bringing in some extra cash to help pay the bills.   Many people would welcome even an extra $100 a month and sometimes that check is the difference between keeping and losing their house.  For them Network Marketing holds real value.

This is important to understand because the vast majority of those with a home business also hold a salaried position at a company.  Everything they do online can affect their day job.

Everything you post is open game for an employer

There are countless news stories of people getting fired as a result of their posts on social media networks.  Click here for a few examples.  Many companies do searches on social media sites to see what you are doing and saying.You can get fired for posting on Facebook

Plenty of companies frown on Network Marketing and some even forbid it from being discussed at the workplace.  There are even examples of people getting reprimanded or fired for talking about their Network Marketing business at work.  Is it fair?  Maybe not, but understand that a company does not need to tell you the real reason for letting you go.  They may just say something like “your position is no longer needed”.

What you post online can hurt your job search

Imagine you are trying to get a job.  This job is exactly what you want, the people and culture are great, you aced the interviews and you know the company pays well and has incredible benefits.  Everything is perfect until their Human Resources department looks at your Facebook page and see it is littered with advertisements for your MLM.

Now you are branded in a bad way and you lost the job.  If the company is smart, all they will say is something like “it is not the right fit at this time”.  Your Facebook page could cost you a job and you would never even know it happened.

What you post also affects your home business

What you do and say on social media networks affects more than how your employer thinks of you, it can also affect potential customers and business partners.

We all know the drill.  Whenever someone starts a chat session or sends a friend request the first thing we do is go to their page to find out their agenda.   What does your page say about you?  Are you online to make genuine connections or does your page tell people you only want to get them into your Network Marketing business?

What can you do?

This is the big question.  Can you truly build a business online without turning your social media sites into advertising portals?

You could give up and just work offline.  After all, there are leaders in the Network Marketing industry that strongly advise their team members to never build through social media.  There are even veteran leaders making serious money that are convinced building online is impossible and will only work with people that build offline exclusively.

There are, however, some of us that see social media as the “World’s Largest Networking Event” going on 24/7.

Whenever you go to any networking event, you can easily put people into 2 major categories – those truly looking to make connections and the others who are only there to push their product.

When you go to a networking event in your local region, how do you act?  Are you acting the same way online?

Navigating the “World’s Largest Networking Event” online can be a bit of an art form and finding the right mentor and leader is vital to help teach you the finer points of who to friend and how to make a connection.  This is why, in Network Marketing, choosing the right team is just as important as choosing the right company.

If you chose your Network Marketing company and team wisely you should get this mentoring free just by being a part of that team and not pay an extra fee.

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9 Responses to “Is Facebook Killing Your Career?”

  1. very informative and good that FB can be used for business also apart from just social networking. Good tips, have to admit.

  2. Mike Pedersen says:

    Chris, you bring up a lot of good points anyone who is online should consider and take to heart. The internet is both powerful and transparent for both employees AND employers. This is not to deter people from being active in social networking, but to be wise with your words.

  3. Chris Kavas says:

    I think the lesson here is that, if you fill your social media page with advertisements for your business then it can hurt you in more ways than you realize.

    The goal should be to make genuine connections and not push ones business or product on people.

  4. Walter says:

    I believe that we should be clear of our priorities. We must be aware that what we post on the social media should not be detrimental to our future well-being. Being responsible can save us from big mistakes. 🙂

  5. Joel Broughton says:

    If you have a plan to get all the complainers online to read this post, I will volunteer to help get them here…lol. Great insight, eventually everything comes back when it’s online. Positive information will endure too.

  6. Keith Dennis says:

    Good Post! Be carefule what you say online!

    I agree you can definitely see who is wanting to make a true connection versus people that are just “product” pushers and want to cram their opportunity down your throat.

    Speaking of Facebook in that regard. I get friend requests a lot and then form letters for messages. I can tell because I say something off the wall and they say absolutely nothing about it pushing their business again, and again. I understand that they are just trying to make some money and be free as well but three things come to mind.

    Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.

    No one cares about what you know until they know how much you care.

    And, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    You can tell I’ve been around the industry and sales for a while.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Chris Kavas says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. Kieth, you are so right and I often use the statement “No one cares about what you know until they know how much you care”

    I know so many good, decent, and well-meaning people that let their excitement and poor mentoring get the better of them and they find themselves with a struggling business and wondering why their friends never call them anymore. It is bad for the industry as a whole.

    Hopefully the more we all share the right way to build a business the better it will be for everyone.

  8. […] that have proven true most of the time “If it feels good to post, it is bad for business”. I have an article that goes into detail about how posts on social media can affect your business and career. Basically, as a business […]

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