Barbara Loraine, founder and CEO of TLC Clean

TLC CleanI’m Barbara Loraine, founder and CEO of TLC Clean, positioned to be the next Oxi-Clean-type success story.  Branding, marketing and promotions are crucial to our success.  Chris Kavas is an important part of the team.  I highly recommend him.

There’s all kinds of help available for internet marketing. For most of us, it can cost a lot, or we can’t get the website, social media or other marketing stuff done.  But who can we count on to deliver results?  Who provides affordable help?

Chris gives customized training for small business people in what to do, and sent me the info on how to do it.  This saves me time and money – and helps me implement immediately.

You know Chris Kavas can help because he does marketing work for his own businesses AND for others.  You can go online to check out his work – and the kinds of results he gets.

What this means is, with Chris Kavas, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get the internet presence I need to boost online and offline sales.

Chris listens, gives targeted assistance, and follows-up with how-to’s that help me put what I’ve learned into action immediately.  That means more sales, immediately.

Chris says: You need to give TLC Clean a try, you will be impressed!  You can purchase TLC Clean products here:

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