Differentiation; Getting Noticed in a Crowded Marketplace

This week we have another helpful online marketing tip from Cary Snowdenregarding your online marketing and how to differentiate your content.With more of our marketers blogging these days, it’s getting harder to make a splash in an otherwise crowded marketplace. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a plan to blog about your business in the coming new year.With search engines concentrating evermore on organic writing, high frequency and relevant keywords, the notion that ‘Content is King‘ should be the foundation of your marketing strategy for 2010.Here is some of what Carey has to say on her blog:
Here is my quick list of reminders and tips to make your blog really stick out:Organic Writing: Search engines are looking for original content. When you write on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter, your content is being scoured by the search engines and compared to other relevant content. When your content is deemed to be unique, you are awarded a higher organic status than with content that is copied or reproduced, and placed higher in the search results for your given topic.Ways to make your content more unique, and more organic, include adding localization, personalizing information such as your contact address and phone number, putting the story into your own words, and allowing your own personality to shine through in the content.Frequency. You have heard me talk about the importance of frequency before; basically the more you post, the more popular you will be in the search engines. This is a good time of year to establish a new goal to step up your frequency, and to expand your posting ritual beyond your blog to Facebook and Twitter. You should be posting once per week at a minimum, and more if you can. For serious marketers, I recommend posting twice per week with a daily post to both Facebook and Twitter.

Relevant Keywords. This, too, seems to be an overworked mantra. However, including relevant keywords in your content is the single most important way to let the search engines know where to include you in search results. The start of a new year is a perfect time to make a list and check it twice; revisit your keywords by doing a little research on what your customers are searching for, and physically write them at the top of your writing template. Review them often and include a selection from the list in every post.

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