How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Page

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Page

If you own a small business, at a bare minimum, you need to set up your business page for the major social media site.  You can not create your business page on pinterest as  discussed in their blog.

You can either sign up or convert your existing account.  Business pages on pinterest are free, allow you to display a verification badge, and add buttons and widgets to your website. 

Below is a quick primer on setting up your Pinterest business page:

There is a great article on PC World that  goes into more detail about this.


Switch to / Sign Up for a Pinterest Business Page

Visit to convert your personal page to a business page.


If your company doesn’t yet have a business presence on Pinterest, click the “Sign up” link in the top-right of the page. This will bring you to a similar form that also includes a space to upload a profile image.

Verify Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest’s verification feature lets you communicate that you own the website listed on your Pinterest profile.  This way they know you are the real deal.  To do this you will need to ensure your Pinterest account’s email has the same domain as your website.  This means that using a email will not work.  For example, if your website is, your email should have after the @ sign.

Note: Pinterest supports only top-level domains.

Pinterest will ask you to place a verification file on your web server. Once Pinterest verifies your website, your web site will show up in search results and the full website URL and checkmark will be on your profile.

Embedding Pinterest’s Buttons and Widgets

To help generate traffic back to your site, Pinterest offers a number buttons and widgets you can embed on your website.

“Pin It” and “Follow” buttons are placed directly on your site and let users pin a photo or piece of content from your website to one of their boards.


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