Microloans For Mothers: Increasing Quality of Life for Families

Mocroloans Charity For Mothers

Microloans For MothersSmall non-profit organizations, like Microloans For Mothers and many others, have constant struggles balancing their mission objectives and raising the necessary funds for implementation.  Operations are managed by a relatively small staff with big challenges of where to place the emphasis so as to optimize the limited amount of time available.

This issue becomes doubly burdensome when a new compelling mode of operations is introduced that appears to have great potential to increase the donor base.

I’m talking about Social Media.  How does a small organization with very limited time and resources dig into the intricacies of how it all works without sacrificing too much from the day-to-day operations that are essential to keep the mission moving forward?

The key is to bring in the services of a professional that can carve out a road map specifically designed for the unique needs of the organizations. In this regard, as executive director of Microloans For Mothers, I’ve been lucky.  I’ve found Chris Kavas, who is now the backbone of our Social Media marketing strategy.

In the regular online sessions with Chris, I always come away with a much greater understanding of how to maneuver in this Social Media maze.  Without him I’m sure that the complexities of these uncharted waters would steer me in all kinds of wrong directions that would waist enormous amounts of time with very little effect.  He guides me with care, understanding and efficiency in a way that maximizes our time but also at a pace that’s comfortable for my individual learning style.  I’ve see tremendous progress in my level of expertise, and I can’t thank Chris enough for his commitment to lead me in a direction that is going to be of immense benefit for Microloans For Mothers.


Make sure you visit Microloans For Mothers and remember to check out their amazing Facebook and Pinterest pages.  They are doing some amazing work and deserve all of our support!

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