Over the years I have read and listened to everything I could get my hands on to learn all I could about Network Marketing – in my opinion one of the most intriguing business models out there. I always wished early on that I could have found a good list of the “essentials” before making the investment in my library. Below is what I consider the “cream of the crop” from my bag of tools. These resources are the bare bones – must have for anyone interested in Network Marketing. Let me know if you think there are other resources that should be added to this list.

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Recommended Reading

These books are essential for any home business library.

The Compound Effect: Multiplying Your Success, One Simple Step at a Time The Compound Effect: Multiplying Your Success, One Simple Step at a TimeThis book distills the core fundamentals of achievement and outlines the very best success practices of today’s great achievers-and makes them simple and actionable. It is one thing to say one will do a little over a long period of time to improve, quite another to actually do it. This book outlines some great strategies to getting you started.The Good:

Important book for anyone looking to improve their life one small step at a time. It outlines some good strategies as well as discussing the pitfalls that we all experience and how to overcome them.The Bad: I got the audio book and listen to it in my car. The stories are great but he can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic. It is important to listen to this one a few times before it starts to sink in.

Excellent Tax Book For Any Home BusinessIt’s How Much You Keep That Counts! Not How Much You Make.: The Ultimate Tax-Reduction System for Small and Home-Based Businesses
This book is one I strongly recommend to anyone with a home business. It is easy to read and understand with clear instructions on how to legally and ethically get the most out of the tax advantages specifically designed to help business owners. It is a must read.The Good: Each tax benefit is clearly explained with instructions on what paperwork is required in the event of an audit and it gives you the specific tax code related to the benefit. There were tax savings in this book that my tax person did not even know existed! The advice given in this book will also help move your business forward. For example, if you don’t have the right kind of business plan, you could have a lot of tax benefits taken away from you. The business plan not only helps to prove that you are running a business and not a hobby but will also help you better plan and focus your efforts.The Bad: Do not read this at night. I had to stop reading this book before I went to bed. Each time I would read a section I found myself so excited about the tax savings I am not able to sleep!

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life (30th Anniversary Edition)The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life (30th Anniversary Edition)
This book has been one of the mainstays in the MLM world. Don Faila is an MLM icon and has coined a number of terms in his book we all use today. The book is organized in “napkin presentation” format so each chapter can be taught to a potential business partner in an informal setting to educate them on the power of network marketing.The Good:There is some great basic information and the napkin presentations outline what it takes to succeed as well as helping to educate the reader that success is not always immediate and, like any worthwhile business, take time and effort.The Bad: This book’s first printing was quite a while ago and is focused more on the linear or stair step compensation model. One may have to make some adjustments to accommodate the more modern “hybrid” model that leverages a binary compensation plan for the inventory and a linear model for check matching.

Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!
Your First Year In Network Marketing by Mark Yarnel is an important book for anyone interested in network marketing. Mark pulls no punches and tells the truth – Like any legitimate business, network marketing takes time and effort.
The Good: Mark Yarnel outlines some great information on what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.The Bad: Some of the advice in Mark’s book may be a little depressing for those hoping to make millions with little effort.

Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network MarketingBeach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing
I was first introduced to this when I learned that a leader in our downline was handing them out to qualified prospects. The book is about the journey into MLM and what it took for one man to find success. It is a great tool for those skeptical or sour on MLM to better understand the power and ethics of this business model.The Good: Good story helping to better understand the power of Network MarketingThe Bad: I cannot think of much bad about this book outside of the investment if you chose to use it as a prospecting tool.

The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing: 37 Top Network Marketing Income-Earners Share Their Most Preciously-Guarded Secrets to Building Extreme WealthThe Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing: 37 Top Network Marketing Income-Earners Share Their Most Preciously-Guarded Secrets to Building Extreme Wealth
Although the book is credited with one author it is actually a series of essays from the leaders in the MLM world. I ran across this book by accident and have found it an enjoyable read with some good tips, hints and ideas for building a solid Network Marketing business. Also, because it is a series of essays – each standing on their own – it is an easy book to pick up and put down without having to stop in the middle of the story.The Good: If you are a techie like me then you most likely know about the book “The Mythical Man-Month“. What that book is for technical project management, this one is for Network Marketing.The Bad: It is hit or miss with some of the essays. If you have been in this industry for some time you may find yourself skimming through some of the stories.

Recommended Training

If you are going to spend money on a training course, below are recommendations that I have found provide some practical information for building a home based business.

Endless Leads Training Course Max Steingart: Endless Leads Training Course – marketing MLM via social networkingAs a general rule I am very skeptical about on line training courses – especially where MLM is concerned.  There is just too much hype out there and way too many pretenders – besides, if you have the time to dig online, 90% of the stuff they teach is already out there for free.That being said, this training was recommended by Len Clemments who is one of those that seem to be looking out for us distributors and this industry.  I bit the bullet and got his training.  What I had access to was a ton of videos each focused on a different aspect of social media.  A lot of it was review but there were some good hints and ideas.  I especially liked his videos where he would review the conversations from other students and comment on their profiles.  I am sure that if I had spent more time and effort online I could have eventually found a lot of the info myself but I do have to say that his training covered a lot of the bases for building a Network Marketing business with social media.The Good: You get access to a LOT of training material and the information is solid.  He goes into good detail on how to talk to people so you don’t look like the typical MLM spammer we find all over Facebook and MySpace.The Bad: All of the videos can cause some information overload and some of his live webinars are not recorded so you may miss a lot of live training if you have a busy schedule.  Also, he seems to send a lot of email about his “next big” training.  I set up a special folder so all of his email goes into one place.

Recommended Websites

There are a TON of MLM web sites out there and I have seen and subscribed to nearly all of them. The web sites below are my favorite and have consistently provided the most help.

Len Clements Marketwave Inc.This is a great web site to learn some of the details about what you can do and what is illegal in running a home business. Len is a strong believer in Network Marketing and is one of those trying hard to keep the hype and scammers away. Here is what he has to say:

I love network marketing and make my living at it. I am one of its biggest advocates. That’s why I hate to see it maligned and abused, and why I object so vehemently to the way it is often misrepresented (both positively and negatively).

The meaty part of this site are the podcasts that have a lot of great information. His podcast regarding medical claims is a must listen. You can listen to it here. He is in the process of updating that to include the new legislation. I recommend signing up for his newsletter.

Rod Cook MLM WatchdogIf I had to chose only one MLM newsletter to get, it would be from Rod Cook and This is a no-nonsense site that is usually the first to expose the scams and pyramid schemes posing as legitimate Network Marketing companies. MLM Watchdog is one of the first out there to protect the honest companies being unfairly attacked. Don’t let the simple design fool you – this site is jam packed with information about what is actually going on in the MLM world. I have learned more from this site than any other out there.

Recommended Tools

The auto responder tool may be a little advanced for those new to owning a small business but, as your business grows, it will become essential for customer and business partner management.

Autoresponder Email System
Rod Cook of MLM Watchdog says

“One thing about Web Marketing if you don’t have an automated Email Marketing system in the form of an auto responder pack up and go home!”.

There are a lot of different ones out there but it seems many of those making the big bucks swear by Aweber. The form on the left will get you a free trial of Aweber so you can play around and see if it is for you. The good part of the free trial is that you get access to all of their training. If you are new to autoresponders and how best to leverage them for your business, their training is very nice.

The Good: Aweber is the industry standard and seems to have an easy interface. They also have a lot of training as well as the ability to push your blog posts automatically. You are also able to import and export your contact list.

The Bad: Not that this is a bad thing, but they take great care to avoid being a spam engine. Dont expect to import a ton of emails and start sending them updates without having them opt in to your new list. You will also be asked to justify how you got these contacts. Hint: don’t tell them you scraped them from the Internet via a script 🙂

Brilliant Compensation Video Brilliant Compensation Presentation
Tim Sales is probably best known for this video. Brilliant Compensation describes Network Marketing without all of the hype and without mentioning any company or product. It simply focuses on the business model and how it works. If there is a better tool out there to describe MLM or Network Marketing, I have yet to find it. If you are skeptical in any way about Network Marketing, this video will help you understand what many of us believe – that the business model of Network Marketing is one of the most ethical models out there. Rod Cook put it best when he said:

MLM is the last hope in America for the little person to learn how to make money and actually make it. There are over 10 million people that earn a part time to a full time MLM income.

The Good: This is a great tool that is easy to use. He has DVDs, and Web sites you can use to educate your potential business partners.

The Bad: The animated version is a little cheesy built in Flash and meant for slower connections. Of all the versions he has, the DVD is a little longer and seems to do the best job.

Custom URLs Make All The Difference
I have been using GoDaddy for quite a while and found their service reliable and their customer support top notch.The Good: Low cost domains, reliable hosting and great customer service.The Bad: They offer low prices but try to make it up during the checkout process. Be on the lookout for the up-sell.
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