Dr. Guberman’s Alternatives to Medicine

He is the most honest, giving of knowledge freely and easy to work with is an understatement. His patient manner, his willingness to give you as much knowledge as he has is a blessing. I rely on Chris for things like Twitter development, Linkedin, Facebook, Goggle + and Pinterest, etc. He is expert in all these fields.

Winning in small business with social media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Squidoo, the list goes on and on. Social media is still hot and people will tell you that if you are not in on social media your business will suffer. It may seem like everyone has a Facebook fan page these days and you may be feeling left out. Before you start diving in and shelling out the cash with an “expert” or buy a “system” that will “do all the work for you” there are some key actions you should do first to ensure you come out a winner in the social media arena.

The truth about income claims

Recently I saw a post on a social networking site where a leader in a network marketing (MLM) company bragged about the number of people in their downline and the gobs of money the individual was making in such a short time. While it is fairly common to see posts using income claims as a means for recruitment, this particular post got me thinking. I know many good, well meaning people that talk about the money their upline makes as a decision point for joining their business.

Many don’t know that they are, in fact, committing a crime.

Social Media For Small Business

This social medial for small businesses training is for all the small and home business owners that are tired of wasting precious time and money trying to understand how best to leverage social medial for their business. This also includes special tips for regionally focused businesses so you can learn how to get more local customers with social media. If you have lost endless hours on Facebook and other social media sites – time you could have used to build your business – then this webinar is for you.

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Page

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Page

If your company is new to Pinterest, you can sign up for a business account. If your business has an existing account, you can convert it.

Barbara Loraine, founder and CEO of TLC Clean

Chris gives customized training for small business people in what to do, and sent me the info on how to do it. This saves me time and money – and helps me implement immediately.
What this means is, with Chris Kavas, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get the internet presence I need to boost online and offline sales.
Chris listens, gives targeted assistance, and follows-up with how-to’s that help me put what I’ve learned into action immediately. That means more sales, immediately.

Top To Dos & No-Nos In Social Media

How to use social media to attract leads

This is a webinar I gave outlining the key things to do and to avoid when building a business leveraging social media. I outline the key tasks to do and to avoid for social media and cover how to build a strong network on Facebook and Twitter, the steps to get more eyes on your posts and likes to your fan page, hints, tips, and tricks for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Rules Of The Road

A list of rules that need to be considered when building a business online – especially when using social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Foursquare.

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