Chris Kavas

Success is closer than you think

Success Is Closer Than You Think
Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity. But you have to act on them if you’re going to be successful.
Distant pastures always look greener than those close at hand, but real opportunities are right where you are.
You must simply take advantage of them when they appear.
Success Is Closer Than You Think
You can start where you are at any time.Road To Success Is Possible
Success is all around you.
It’s not in your environment,
it’s not in luck or chance,
or in the help of others.
Success is in yourself alone.
You don’t need more strength or more ability or greater opportunity.
What you need is to use what you have.
Learn to seize good fortune,
for it is always around you.
You must go to success,
it doesn’t come to you.
Open your own doors to opportunity.

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