Very Bad Puns

The puns, they are so bad! Please help!

Everyone needs a little humor in their lives and I am sure you will agree that much of what is here barely qualifies! My friends and I have enjoyed sending each other pain through the effective use of very bad puns. When life is starting to get too serious, stop by and read a few.

If you find one you like while reading at work and want to tell your family when you get home, be careful you don’t carry it too far. Those with shorter commutes should be okay 🙂

Monty Python Poems

Monty Python, or The Pythons, is the collective name of the creators of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a British television comedy sketch show that first aired on the BBC on 5 October 1969. A total of 45 episodes were made over four series. However, the Python phenomenon developed from the original television series into something much greater, in scope & impact: it spawned touring stage shows, four films, numerous albums, several books & a spin-off stage musical—as well as launching the members on to individual stardom. Many of us grew up laughing to Monty Python. I have posted some hard to find and select funny poems by the immortal Monty Python

Take A Pun, Leave A Pun

Announcing the Take A Pun, Leave A Pun program
The process is simple – add your favorite pun as a comment below with a link to your web page. If the pun is good I will insert it into the article including your link to your web site. That’s it! Enjoy the bad puns on this page and make sure to leave one for others to enjoy!

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